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勤美「0km 山物所」為城市中的山林入口,從生活出發探索自然美好。臺灣地狹人稠,卻有高達60.7%的土地被森林所覆蓋,生物多樣性更超過全球平均150倍,豐富的自然環境與生態是臺灣最珍貴的寶藏,如何與自然永續相處,是每個臺灣人的必修課題。勤美集團攜手格式空間策展,將「林業及自然保育署」所經管的日治時期木造町屋宿舍群活化經營,以臺灣山林永續生活為題,號召產、官、學、創不同領域的能量,建立跨界的共創平台。以「再發現」的精神,透過永續選物、環境教育、主題策展等方式,引導大眾開發多元觀點與對探索的想像,一步步形塑屬於臺灣的永續山林生活倡議。

0km Mountain Center serves as the gateway to the urban forests, starting from daily life to explore the beauty of nature. Despite Taiwan's small size and dense population, 60.7% of its land is covered by forests, boasting biodiversity exceeding the global average by 150 times. The rich natural environment and ecology represent Taiwan's most precious treasures, making sustainable coexistence with nature an essential lesson for every Taiwanese.  CMP  GROUP collaborates with Format Space to curate and operate the Japanese colonial-era wooden townhouse dormitories managed by the Forestry Bureau and Conservation Administration, focusing on Taiwan's sustainable mountain forest living. The initiative calls upon the energies of various sectors including industry, government, academia, and creativity, to establish a cross-disciplinary collaborative platform. With a spirit of "rediscovery," the initiative guides the public through sustainable choices, environmental education, thematic curation, and other means, fostering diverse perspectives and imaginative exploration, step by step shaping Taiwan's sustainable mountain forest living advocacy.

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